brenna-headshot-with-koa-signBrenna Backe has a BS in Exercise Science and has been a certified ACE Personal Trainer since 2003.  She currently owns and trains at Koa Fit Training Studio in Boulder, CO and is the creator of Strong Balance Class.

Her current focus has been working with athletes and active adults to improve their performance and decrease pain.  She believes creating muscle balance creates efficiency in movement.  The more efficient the body becomes, the more power and strength it produces.  Efficiency and balance also help prevent injury and improve stability.  She has trained soccer, hockey, football, and basketball teams as well as helped individuals with skiing, snowboarding, running, biking, dance and climbing.

Brenna has had clients with 100lbs+ weight-losses and her bootcamps have an average weight-loss of 9 ½ lbs.  Personally she has had a 50lbs+ weight-loss and is familiar with the obstacles and distractions that can derail a weight-loss program.  This personal experience helps her hold her weight-loss clients accountable and gets them results.