Testimonials – Mentorship

Brenna’s mentorship is organized, methodical, logical, helpful + effective.  As a physical therapist who is most comfortable taking the “hurt” and making them “normal” I have always been left with a gap between “normal” and “optimal” “stronger” “better” movement. I often lacked the opportunity to take that treatment to the next level due to initial goals being met and insurance limitations.  As a result, I had a gap in not only my knowledge of a full body assessment + treatment but a lack in my confidence to think beyond the impairment and functional limitation. This mentorship has helped me to fill that gap.  It has helped broaden my scope and, quite frankly, my creativity with movement and exercise (an ongoing area of opportunity for me).  It has helped me become a more well-rounded practitioner which has improved my client’s outcomes as well.  I highly recommend this mentorship even for existing healthcare and/or bodywork practitioners.  The methods set forth in this mentorship ARE the thing that sets Koa Fit and it’s trainers apart from the field in a highly competitive place like Boulder. “

– Pamela Robichaud, Physical Therapist and Koa Fit Trainer

“Sometimes we just sit around and geek out over feet and gait.” When Brenna Backe, founder of Koa Fit, told me this, I knew I had to be a part of her mentorship program.

As a former professional athlete that had transitioned to personal training, I considered myself an expert on traditional strength training and coaching. However, I was slowly learning that mobility and functional training was probably more important to most people. Almost everyone has imbalances within their body that need to be addressed to live a pain-free active life.

The mentorship program at Koa Fit was the ideal place to continue my training in this new direction. Brenna has created an incredible learning experience that teaches how to assess movement and locate inefficient patterns in people and then create programs to bring the body back into alignment.

Koa Fit is a fun, friendly, and positive learning environment. I was looking for something beyond a “big gym” or in-home client training. Koa Fit is just the right size. I immediately felt welcomed by the other trainers and love that we collaborate, as a team, to do what is absolutely best for the client.

Lastly, I consider myself a lifelong athlete and student, and I want to continue to grow and learn. Amazingly, Brenna has created weekly workshops as a continuing education opportunity for all the trainers at Koa Fit. We meet once a week to discuss specific topics or even do a group workout.

In the few short months of completing the mentorship and beginning to work with clients on my own, I feel incredibly more prepared to help people who are struggling with pain, injuries, or just want to become a stronger more balanced athlete.

-Tim DeBoom, 2x Ironman Champion

“If you have a strong understanding of the human body and a passion to learn more, and to teach to others, a mentorship at Koa Fit is ideal. Brenna is a perfect meshing of clarity and depth. She will strengthen your abilities to set a client on a clear path for growth. Brenna’s eye for detail on each individual, as well as her business strategy is something incredible to witness and absorb. Be prepared to be flexible with your time and welcomed warmly to the Koa Fit family.”

– Rebecca South, Koa Fit Trainer (Former Student)

“Movement, strength, performance, helping people, finding the causes for pain/restriction and moving beyond pain and restriction to better performance and quality of life – if any or all of these interest you, the Koa Fit internship with Brenna Backe is a no-brainer.  I have been an avid runner, trail and ultra runner for years, and I have relied on skilled practitioners to help me move past injury and run stronger.  Now, I am one of these practitioners!  As a trainer at Koa Fit, I work with a wide variety of people – including athletes overcoming injury, regular folks looking to get fit, and older folks who are strong, fit, and wanting to stay that way. It’s incredibly gratifying to be able to help clients achieve their goals and keep doing what they love.

Interning with Brenna was one of the best life decisions I’ve made.  In exchange for an administrative hour or two per week (often, doing interesting things, and learning how this small business operates), I received weekly one-on-one mentorship from Brenna, learning how to evaluate movement, identify patterns, and address these patterns in the most efficient, healthy way. As a long-time anatomy geek, it’s been wonderful to put my curiosity to use – feeling my way towards better movement in my own body, and improving my ability to pinpoint where a client’s discomfort is coming from.

In addition to my one-on-one time learning with Brenna, our weekly trainer sessions have been enriching and fascinating.  Whether we’re crushing a workout together, spending an hour brainstorming our research on a common injury, or listing to a wide variety of guest speakers in the health and wellness industry, it’s a perk that is surely worth a lot of money – and it all comes to us for free.  The vibe at Koa Fit is fun, uplifting, encouraging, and supportive.  It’s a safe place to learn, and we all learn from each other – the attitude is that we are never finished learning, and that we can always get better.  I can’t recommend this experience highly enough – the internship with Brenna at Koa Fit and my subsequent work there as a trainer has been life-changing!”

– Amy Briggs, Koa Fit Trainer (Former Student)