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Brenna Backe is the Owner of Koa Fit Personal Training Studio in Boulder, CO and has been in the field of personal training and coaching for the last 20 years.   Koa Fit just celebrated 5 successful years in business and Brenna is looking for an intern. Brenna’s unique training method has helped hundreds of clients who struggle with chronic aches and pains or had simply “given up”, get back in shape. She helps her clients build strength, lose weight, develop better body awareness and coordination, while decreasing the wear and tear on their bodies.

The current fitness arena is filled with Cross Fits, bootcamps, and high intensity interval training. There is a need for a more balanced workout. Brenna has been creating this missing link in fitness for the past 9 years at her 2 studios (previously sold her first studio, Active Fitness Solutions in NJ) and has been so successful she is looking for someone to train with her and help her at her studio.

If you are looking to develop a more specific and targeted form of training, Brenna would be interested in hearing from you.   She is looking for someone to start as an intern and then move into a personal trainer role at Koa Fit. Internship benefits are listed below.

This is the pilot of Brenna’s internship program. Due to that, she is not charging. Instead, she is exchanging 2 hours per week of admin/gym time at Koa Fit for the 8 weeks during the internship program.

Internship Includes:

  • Education Material
  • Assessment Tools and Guidelines
  • Exercise Protocols for special populations from Elite Athletes to Older Adults
  • One-on-One Trainings with Brenna
  • Opportunity to Shadow Brenna with Clients
  • Opportunity to take on paid training sessions

“If you have a strong understanding of the human body and a passion to learn more, and to teach to others, an internship at Koa Fit is ideal. Brenna is a perfect meshing of clarity and depth. She will strengthen your abilities to set a client on a clear path for growth. Brenna’s eye for detail on each individual, as well as her business strategy is something incredible to witness and absorb. Be prepared to be flexible with your time and welcomed warmly to the Koa Fit family.” – Rebecca, Koa Fit Trainer (Former Intern)

For more information or to apply, please fill out the information below.

Application Deadline is June 31, 2018

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