Podcast, Episode 6 – Low Back Pain and the SI Joint with Katharine Hauge, DPT

Brenna Backe sits down with Katharine Hauge, DPT to discuss low back pain, and specifically, the role the SI joint can play. They cover why the SI joint is so important, how an imbalance can lead to pain or injury, and how to differentiate between hip pain, knee pain, and pain caused by the SI joint. If you have ever had low back and/or hip pain, you will want to listen to this episode.

Podcast, Episode 2 – Work, Life and HEALTH Balance

Brenna Backe sits down with Missy Hughes and Siri Schubert-Nicollela to talk about work, life, and, health balance.  Working in the health and fitness industry, these 3 ladies cannot let their health and fitness slide.  Listen below for their top tips to keep and stay healthy, the one thing they could not live with out, and what happens when they get off track.