Ski and Snowboard Month – Week Five

This week, we are all about the rotation. From the shoulder to the spine.

This spinal twist is perfect after any activity, not just skiing or snowboarding. It gives your spine a gentle twist while opening up the chest and hips. Plus, if feels amazing.

The shoulder exercise below, rounds out our shoulder strength for things like poling, falling, and pushing ourselves back up again.

Ski and Snowboard Month – Week Four

We are moving away from the hips this week and out to our extremities.

After spending all day in our boots, our ankles can become lockdown and stiff. Try this first video to gain some range of motion in the ankle joint.

And it is not just our legs the need attention. Our upper body needs to be strong to help us with everything from poling to getting back up after we fall. Try the videos below (bonus video from Gerry) to get those arms and shoulders ready.

Ski and Snowboard Month – Week Three

Last week , we worked on hip external rotation. This week, we are focused on hip internal rotation. Why all the focus on rotation? Because rotation is where we can access the stability and strength of the hip joint. Not only do our muscles need to be strong, but we also need to have stable joints so we can use the full capacity of our strength.

We can test out that strength and stability with the BONUS VIDEO from Gerry Halverson.