Postpartum Exercises – 5 Moves for New Mommies

I am at the baby-booming age of life.  Everywhere I look, there is a new, tiny face staring back at me.  Family, friends, co-workers – everyone is having a baby.  With this new burst in our global population, I get asked a lot about what to do in the weeks that follow a new baby’s birth.

I always tell my new mothers, the most important thing they can do is to rest and recover.  That means any exercise you do needs to be gentle and help promote reconnection with your body.  At this stage, your focus should be more on repair and body awareness and less on strength.

The 5 moves below help strengthen your core with a focus on the transverse abdominis (TVA).  The TVA is the deepest abdominal muscle.  It wraps the belly area of your torso like a corset, running from the bottom rib to the pubic bone and then around your waist like a belt and attaching to your spine.  It helps protect our vital organs as well as creating stability through our abdomen and pelvis.  Doing the moves below will help you to start gently activating the TVA so you return to your regular exercise routine stable and strong.

After you have mastered these exercises, try part 2 of the postpartum exercise program.

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